• 80s Shoot’em Up Kit is inspired by classic 80s shooters.

    This asset provides a complete, mobile optimized, 2D project based on Unity native 2D tools.

    Keyboard inputs : arrow keys = move, space or left Ctrl = regular fire, left Alt = auto-fire
    Mouse / Joystick inputs : button 1 = regular fire, button 2 = auto-fire

    • Keyboard, joystick, mouse, and touch screen, non interfering inputs
    • Firing system : shoot delay, bullet count limiter, Auto Fire and fire rate penalty
    • Object Pooling example : optimize the application by reusing elements rather than instantiate and destroy them
    • Event system : set checkpoint, play or stop an audio clip, spawn an item, change level…
    • Run the project in a unique scene or handle multiple levels

    + upgrade and coin items, several enemies, cool retro sfx …



  • Benefits

    • Documented
      with thoroughly commented scripts
    • Free updates
      no upgrade fees ever
    • Customer support
      generally answered within 24 hours
    • Unity free compatible
      hobbyist developer friendly


    These packages are delivered with comprehensive documentation and commented scripts.

    Support is given for all assets and questions will generally be answered within 24 hours.

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